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How Indonesian companies achieve more with Mekari’s digital solutions








Video production






a. Fintech

b. SaaS

Mekari is a leading SaaS platform in Indonesia that offers digital solutions and services to help businesses improve their productivity and performance.  Mekari wanted to create a video ad to promote their products for Mekari 2023 Conference, an annual event where business leaders, experts, and partners share digital transformation insights and best practices.


The ad video had two formats: 3:1 for the conference screens and 16:9 for social media.  The ad showed how a mid-sized company solved a logistics problem swiftly because of Mekari’s digital solutions.


a. 1 video in the format of 16:9

b. 1 video in the format of 3:1

Our process

We followed a clear and collaborative process to create a video ad for this project. Here are the main steps we took: 

01. Project briefing

We initiated the project with an in-depth briefing to fully comprehend Mekari’s objectives, unique selling propositions, and market positioning.

02. Conceptualization

After proposing a range of creative video concepts, Mekari selected a narrative that effectively demonstrates their products’ role in facilitating international expansion for a client.

03. Scripting & Storyboarding

Our team crafted scripts and storyboards that resonate with the chosen concept, ensuring that their comprehensive product offerings were prominently featured. These elements were refined through iterative feedback from Mekari.

Figure 01: A storyboard was developed to provide Mekari with a visual representation of the concept and narrative flow for the final video. This also functioned as a strategic guide to reduce potential production challenges.

Figure 02: This frame from our storyboard illustrates the design process that went into visualizing Mekari’s message, capturing the essence of the intended visual narrative.